Our Accounting, Financial, and Tax Services

Whether you’re looking for financial, accounting, or tax services for your small business or yourself, John Opsahl LLC can help.

Small Businesses and Startups:
Better Understand the Finances of Your Business

If you own or manage a startup company or an existing small business, we’re here to help you:

Grow Your Business

Maximize Your Profits

Minimize Your Taxes

We can also help you with personal and business tax return preparation and filing. 

We Make Financials Fun . . . No Really

Do you take great pleasure in financial and accounting analysis? No?

That’s okay. We do.

First, we listen to you, our client, to truly understand your needs. Then, we apply our critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and decades of experience to generate and analyze your accounting and financial information.

To create your financial statements, we use accounting software and accountancy best practices to help you better understand your:

  • Revenue and expenses
  • Profits and losses
  • Assets and liabilities

Our analysis and interpretations help you make educated and informed decisions about your business.

Our Accounting Services: Making a Difference for Your Business

Even if this isn’t first nature to you, we’ll make your financial and business analysis easy to understand, creating actionable insights for you and your business.

In other words, we’ll help you understand what it all means, using as little or as much technical jargon and detail as you want.

Our Analysis and Recommendations:
Food for Thought and Fodder for Informed Decisions

At John Opsahl LLC, we’ll never just email you a bunch of financial statements. Instead, we’ll apply our knowledge, experience, and skill to offer insights and make recommendations.

In our analysis and discussions, we’ll share the pros and cons of potential opportunities with you.

These statements can help you gain understanding, make decisions, and answer business-related questions, such as:

Ultimately, the decisions are yours to make. However, we’ll provide the information that you need to make those decisions. We’ll discuss your options and their ramifications. 

Tax Return Preparation for Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Small Businesses

Of course, we also offer businesses and startups the necessary filings the government requires.  We’ll create your:

  • Initial business filings for federal and Illinois entity (e.g., LLC, PLLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, etc.) to get you up and running
  • Quarterly payroll returns to help you adhere to state laws
  • Annual corporate or partnership tax returns to comply with federal and state laws

Comply with Federal and State Filing Requirements

Let’s face it, to most people, the IRS can be a little scary. However, we can put your mind at ease.

Similar to many CPA firms, John Opsahl LLC also specializes in tax return preparation for:

Business Owners


Estates and Trusts

We can help ensure that you comply with current federal and Illinois regulations and minimize your tax burden. Furthermore, our Christian values are intertwined in all we do.

We’ll help relieve you from the burden of having to do your tax return. At John Opsahl LLC, we’ll:

Find your qualifying deductions

Minimize your tax burden

Offer you options regarding withholdings

Answer your filing questions

Help interpret what the government intends

Provide year-round advice - just reach out

“Do you like to spend money? Do you need to use your government withholdings as a saving plan? Then you might want to have larger withholdings and the opportunity for a refund. If not, you may want to invest your money—or live off it—rather than having a large withholding.”